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Geriatric Services

All our patients are treated personally, and we’re pleased to offer comprehensive geriatric eye care. As we age, conditions like cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, muscular degeneration and dry eye become more prevalent. NeoVision provides full care for these conditions and many more. A cataract diagnosis means that your normally clear eye lens has grown cloudy. For many cataract patients, eye proteins begin to clump and obscure vision. NeoVision provides personal cataract surgery co-management. Those who experience diabetic retinopathy often have blurred vision, changes in central vision, floating spots or sudden vision loss. NeoVision Optical offers special care for this condition.Macular Degeneration is a vision disorder caused by abnormalities in your eye’s retina. We are pleased to offer services for our Macular Degeneration patients. Patients experiencing Dry Eye can find comprehensive care at NeoVision Optical. This condition develops when the eye’s tear film no longer lubricates and protects the eye’s outer surface. We’re pleased to offer services for Low Vision patients, by specialist Dr. Ford.